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Hacking Generation 1

Method 1: Disassembly (pokered)

This section is a work in progress

list of things you'll need:
after setting up pokered (instructions in INSTALL.md), you can now do anything you want (limits include gameboy hardware and your coding knowledge in assembly)
you can also make a different game entirely from Pokemon Red.

1. Translations - Changing the alphabet

if you're making a translation, chances are the language you are translating to has special characters like Polish Ą or maybe Italian Ó.
but you can add that in!
navigate to: /gfx/font and open font.png.
from there, add the characters you want, but there are restrictions to this:

after you're done, you're gonna want to modify the character map. this isn't needed, but it makes life a HELL
of a lot easier. navigate back to the home folder and open charmap.asm in your text editor of choice. then
scroll down until you see Actual characters (from gfx/font/font.png). add your characters, using the template: charmap "CHARACTER", $e0.

2. Translations - Changing the text itself

then, you're ready to change the text! for example, open data/text/text_1.asm and try to fit these requirements: when you're done, save the text and compile the ROM (again, instructions in INSTALL.md)

Method 2: Using tools to change an existing ROM

(method may or may not be public sometime after 10 years)